About US
A Professional and Reliable Chemical Supplier.

About US

The integrity of business ethics and dedication to the field have penetrated into our genes. We do not rigidly adhere to conventions, but innovation and improvement make our products and services more vibrant. Listening to the voice of customers brings us closer to them and the market.

This is why we are constantly enriching our supply chain system. Make it safer and more reliable.

In 1998, Junwee was founded in Hangzhou, China.

In 2002, we started the technical research and production of chemicals.

Up to now, we have two production sites and a laboratory. At the same time, over 100 Chinese factories maintain long-term and stable business cooperation with us, and this number is increasing. All of these allow us to have a sufficient product list to match the needs of our customers.

Our products are used in industries such as Pharmaceutical synthesis, Agriculture, Food additives, Cosmetics, Automobiles and Electronics.

Core Values
Integrity, Innovation, Excellence and Win-win
We protect trade secrets. And we attach importance to the protection of customer interests and assets.

As corporate citizens, we care about the sustainability of our planet and people. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint.
We insist that employees are our wealth. Respect, Understanding and Creativity are the core force of our career.
A business environment of integrity and compliance allows all participants to focus on their own value creation. We also advocate environmental protection.
Code of Business Ethics
We have adhered to the philosophy of "Gentleman's thinking, Moral conduct leading to success", and advocated the core values of "Integrity, Innovation, Excellence and Win-win".
Our services
About US
Quality Management
Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
We are continuously improving and optimizing our quality management system.
We adopt a comprehensive supplier qualification process, conducting such aspects as ISO system, Legal qualification, Production process, Quality control, Inventory management, Cost advantage and Sustainability. The process aims to ensure the reliability of our supply chain.
Customized Production
Customers and the market have diverse demands for product quality, which is where we need to provide products that meet customer needs and customization.
Quality Assurance
Manufacturers need to conduct strict testing on all delivered goods. In addition, our laboratory will sample and test each batch of goods.
Reliable Schedule
Safe transportation and delivery times are also crucial parts of our supply chain. “Arrive on time” is not just a verbal commitment. We can achieve it through process design and refined management.