Junwee Chemical

Junwee has been insisting on people oriented. We advocate the Equality, Caring, Understanding and Tolerance between each other.

We encourage and support the staff to realize self-worth. We don’t support the staff to stay in the “ Comfort Zone” in the work for long time.

We provide the necessary internal training and external training for positions.

The youth represents the future, and we expect more youth to join us.

If you agree with our value and are willing to work for it. Please concern on and contact us.


Application channels:

Telephone: +86-571 85808636, 85808637

E-mail: info@junweechem.com

Address: 5/F, Bldg. 8-B, Xigang Xinjie, 206 Zhenhua Rd., Xihu District, Hangzhou 310030, China