About Us

Junwee Chemical

We think any change needs to adapt t the demand of client and market. We are willing to hear the voice from the Client which will help us improve ourselves.


1. Product

Our products are not only from our own factories, but also from hundreds of factories  who are willing to help us to build a perfect supply chain.


2. Transportation

We cooperate with the third-party transportation company which are selected by us strictly on Safety, Timeliness, Reasonable price and Common value.


3. Quality Control

We have our own Testing Center and we are in charge of the detection for each deliveried product. Sometimes the third-party agency is also our significant choice.

Except this, our employee will go to the Factory, Warehouse and the Port to check the goods for special cases.

Even after so many effort,  we are also willing to be honest that sometime we can’t avoid the dispute on quality. We always face the client’s complaint properly, look for the truth of the problem and do our best to lower the loss of both sides.



We concern on the Client’s demand, we concern on the problem, we concern on the change, we concern on the improvement.


5. Value Added

We try the best to make “Junwee” to bring value to the Client. We believe that “win-win” is good business ecosystem

With the rapid change in the Chinese market, we have the obligation to let the clients know these changes. We need to evaluate the potential risks on supply chain comprehensively, adjust and optimize it timely.